eat drink think sing


exercises in being according to an existential hedonist



That humans eat and drink is the basis to the physical level in our being. That humans think (feel and perceive) adds to the bodily being with the ability to decide. As a result, as climax, humans could sing, giving expression to their thinking. Eating, drinking, thinking and singing is thus a basic combination that demonstrates the organic simplicity and greatness of being human.

Eating, the oral ingestion and digestion of solids, is not only from biological importance for humans, but it contributes immensely to cultural and spiritual aspects in their lives.

Drinking, being of even greater importance as source of nutrition and life, functions throughout our globe as embodiment of national and regional identification. It is also the most common and self-evident form for the consumption of drugs and stimulants.

Thinking is used here as general term for our ability and inability to handle for the sake of either cognitive or intuitive decisions.

Singing is finally an expression of our emotions and certainly not lesser of our intellect. It is expression and communication. At times singing is about singing, at times about poetry, other times about dance, sometimes aesthetic, sometimes sportive…

“eat drink think sing” is thus en exercise in being.



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