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of human existence and joy towards being


  1. god is the Individual and now.

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When a Man chooses to become Flower


This step taken over the verge for the intensifying of being, emphasizes the importance of a desire, a wish to transcend a frontier that is not even given as a frontier.

What is taking place with this step? What is being staged? What is real life, what is fake life? How real is that, which has been forced?

A name cannot be cleansed. What has been, what has been perceived, what has been given, cannot be revoked.

Health within a mind is a religion of heaven and hell, of which neither could be reached, while physical health becomes increasingly irrelevant.

Not the soul is to be saved herewith, because this animal, this human, this crawling, flying victim, all these forms of being have reached the state of movement.

I lay on the bed of liveliness, sit on it, stand, spring on it, cry, scream and laugh, all for the sake of reaching the incompleteness of life and its concrete fragility.

It seems to be unavoidable that flesh – whether in time or not – longs for its fermentation state. And a flower, or a paper construction, cannot last long. However, what brings the end is not an end in itself, but rather the thought that an end is unavoidable.


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