eat drink think sing


exercises in being according to an existential hedonist


“Singing” is expressing various levels and types of emotion we wish and need to communicate. At times it is done through singing, sometimes through poetry, dance, building, painting…

I dedicate this page to some of those that have taught or given me to understand, singing is much more than music – abyss, salvation, flying, trancendency…

How well – or badly – these individuals have eaten, that I do not know. About some we do know, drank have they and very well. About their thoughts, feelings and psyche we may read much and suspect even more, but when they sing we witness pure liveliness – at times sinking, at times flying.

Their singing is in my view the individual exercise, to create a balance in life – especially in their own.




David Bowie


Leonard Cohen


Ella Fitzgerald


Peter Gabriel


Janis Joplin


Dagmar Krause


Bobby McFerrin


Freddie Mercury


Jessye Norman


Thomas Quasthoff


Nina Simone



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