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exercises in being according to an existential hedonist

Eat, Drink, Speak

Eat, what is raw,
drink, what is clear,
speak, what is true.

Martin Luther (1483 -1546) German Theologian


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About the Architecture of Love (Part I)

I do not believe that love grows and develops in us. It does not develop thanks to our parents, nor thanks to the woman that comes into our life, nor because of the loving Grandmother. Love does not grow out of reactions and experience. Love is like air: always there.

We do not see the air, neither do we see love. We only see both in the reaction they cause on others whenever the reaction gets transported. Everything reacts to the existence of love and air.

If we do not feel accepted at home, we wait and search, for it is one of our natural tendencies, to desire to have those around us that respond to the signs of love we radiate. And so we search and trust that we will find others that interchange love signs with us, if there are none at home.

Love is an essential quality within our existence and independent of how the world around us might treat us when we are born into it, we search with nose, eyes, ears, skin and hands for something that will agree with the love in us. It might be hard to find it at times, but that seems to be irrelevant for us: we search.

That is perhaps the reason why so many jump, dive and fly in any possible direction, as soon and wherever they suspect or notice signs of what they consider to be love. I also do not think that there is a physical love. That bodily sensation – sex – is, next to the automatism coming from nature, an accompaniment to the soul’s love state, or an impulse, a necessity, very much independent from love. It is however our luck that again and again we meet individuals and are given the opportunity to experience sex with those that we also are willing to give sings of love to. It is also our luck that we might find very clear signs of loving coming from those to whom we fell physically attracted to and wish to take in physically as well.

Some are very sure that love is a feeling. Some are very shure that love is not a feeling.

Everything tells and shows me that it cannot be a feeling, but a perpetual, existential state.


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Marcel Broothaers or Marcel Duchamp or Daniel Spoerri or Dada or Fluxus… somebody was here.

Something is far beyond my understanding. I repeatedly find myself documenting found things and found situations that I find to be aesthetic or that express a statement, enough to be photographed. Strange is that those are situations I would never compose myself, for it would be too wanted, too artificial, too forced, too much of a hole dilettantism, to take it with a seriousness deserving attention. Only those in the Dada and Fluxus movements were daring enough to compose such oddities themselves. Furthermore, found art is a field in itself.

Why are such findings attractive to creative minds? The finding resulted in over 60 images.

We seem to see special value in the things we find and I do not understand why.

As soon as I saw this unusual sight, I had to photograph it. Soon enough I had to turn it into a ‘story’ and dramatize with it a bit. Dramatizing is simple. Give some importance to something of apparent irrelevance. However, the dramatization could be done to bring attention to overseen details, to enhance simplicities, to discover new angles.

We never reach the point where we have seen too much. Never could we see too much. We never see enough angles, never enough life.

Found Cup with Coffee Rests 9jun12 / IMG_4001 / Foto: sila blume

Found Cup with Coffee Rests 9jun12 / IMG_4007 / Foto: sila blume

Found Cup with Coffee Rests 9jun12 / IMG_4041 / Foto: sila blume

Found Cup with Coffee Rests 9jun12 / IMG_4052 / Foto: sila blume

Found Cup with Coffee Rests 9jun12 / IMG_4056 / Foto: sila blume

Found Cup with Coffee Rests 9jun12 / IMG_4066 / Foto: sila blume

Found Cup with Coffee Rests 9jun12 / IMG_4067 / Foto: sila blume

Found Cup with Coffee Rests 9jun12 / IMG_4072 / Foto: sila blume

Found Cup with Coffee Rests 9jun12 / IMG_4082 / Foto: sila blume

Coffee Worker in West New York / Found Coffee Rests 9jun12 / IMG_4108 / Foto: sila blume


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Either Or

Give me rather impotence sitting by a coffee on an island of beauties – whichever species – than intimacies and orgasms in a state of imprisonment.

Sila Blume

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a prohibition in Paradise



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