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Screaming is Singing

“To the passenger who just called me a m*th*rf*ck*r, f*ck you. I’ve been in this business 28 years, and I’ve had it.”

Steven Slater, Jet Blue Flight Attendant

What is more subtile AND volatile, than vocal expression?

One man has just screamed and might be going to jail for it, but has set up a wave of support for his action. In my view, this story is all about our individual necessity to express ourselves, if need be with a scream.

Other men have chosen to scream differently. Mieskuro Huutajat (meaning Screaming Mens Choir) is a group of men from Oulu, Finnland who have been shouting and screaming since 1987. They sing by shouting or shout singing. Either way they have managed to fully estheticise screaming.

By the way, I herewith show my support for Steven Slater, not at all because I found his screaming to be proper, but because he did the same many other individuals have done over the decades, without living a blood bath behind him. He has brought a problem to the surface which is only talked about when somebody runs ammock killing tens or hundreds of people. Individuals who are fed up with the lack of respect and abundance of arrogance in our society.

See realated support for Steven Slater:


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