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of human existence and joy towards being


  1. god is the Individual and now.

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in Pride

Elevate thyself in pride and thou shalt be spitting onto thine mirror.

Sila Blume

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Real Perception

What is “reality” when the physical energy one experiences if addressed with the words “I love you”, have solely to do with the individual connotation and experience with love and little to do with the one speaking out the words?

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Hedonism is the best Existentialism

A succulent Apple Pie / Cupcakes Cafe / Leica D-Lux 4

A succulent Apple Pie / Cupcakes Cafe / Leica D-Lux 4

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Seeking Truth

Seeker of Truth

Seeker of Truth

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Heredity vs. Curse

The Human between Heredity and Curse

The Human between Heredity and Curse

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Lost within your Tongue

I experience it often enough threefold. In translation much could get lost. It might occur due to the lack of words or to the lack of proper translation. This does not necessarily mean that something lost must be a loss. At times it will provoke, inspire and bring about new creations. But I did observe a scene that seemed to me to be a loss in being lost – lost beings drinking coffee. It appeared to be the joint satisfaction in being bored.

Lost within one Tongue

The couple sat without much words to get lost with. I did not see his face during my observation, but she acted as if filled with the very least amount of excitement. Her eyes wondered about the room as if feeling misplaced, either waiting for something to happen or the opportunity to leave. It could have been resignation towards the apparent relationship as well.

At times we lose ourselves without leaving our very own realm of understanding. At times, once lost, we do not try to find ourselves again.


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A Hedonism Realm is the Form in which we Intake

My Hedonism Realm


Each Morning Different (I like keeping the Ashes as long as possible)


fallen Ashes


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Row, Row, Row…

Row, Row, Row your Boat

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Pride (Mexico)

Pride (Mexico)

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